Glorias Navales


In the beginning Glorias Navales was an acoustic guitar duo. After a while the duo incorporated a hand-made “Bailes Chino” drum and a rabel fiddle, transforming the duo into a trio. They rehearsed constantly in a basement in Santiago, Chile.

Different origins gathered around the triangle formed by the band.

After more than a year of rehearsing, creating, and composing, a cassette came out on Traición 73 Records followed by the group’s first live presentations. Shortly thereafter KYE records published Glorias Navales’ first LP, Cofradía Náutica, a collection of live and studio recordings.

A while later the band incorporated a ukulele before touring Europe. Their rule: only acoustic instruments, no effects. The tracks on Glorias Navales Presenta El Blues de Istvan were recorded after this tour.

Melancholy and hope join intuitively in basic and repetitive melodies.


  • Christian Bartlau, Acoustic Guitar
  • Alvaro Daguer, “Bailes Chino” Bass Drum
  • Ivan Daguer, Ukulele
  • Tomas Salvatierra, Acoustic Guitar
  • Jose Luis Sepulveda, Rabel & Ocarina