[awp009] IDLING 1, Cackle Car, CS20 / digital

[awp008] Nearfield Edges, Mark Trayle, CD / digital

[awp007] Bent Duo Presents ghostses by Casey Anderson, Bent Duo, Casey Anderson, CD / digital

[awp006] Glorias Navales Presenta El Blues de Istvan, Glorias Navales, LP / digital

[awp005] Electrocardiographs of a Cathode Ray Tube, Stephen Cornford, EP / digital

[awp004] T Z A T Z I, Carmina Escobar, CD / digital

[awp003] Six or Seven Steps to the Door: Solo Improvisations, William Hutson, CD / digital

[awp002] Ingress, Scott Cazan, CD / digital

[awp001] RADIOS, Casey Anderson, CD / digital