1. Bird (18:34)
  2. Fish (21:01)


Bird (18:34)

For b-z-bowls, an instrument of suspended, vibrating plastic bowls that are filled with and muted by various objects (i.e. bells, balls, beads, clips, and cups)

Built, composed, and performed April 2019 in Los Angeles, CA by Stephanie Cheng Smith Recorded August 2019 in Monrovia, CA by Brian Saia

Mixed by Stephanie Cheng Smith and Brian Saia

Fish (21:01)

For violin, dark energy synthesizer, and laptop Composed originally as HRAWF and performed April 2018 within Anja Weiser Flower’s Cosm, Organization-Construction, Second Instance at Human Resources Los Angeles.

Recorded May 2018 The Island of Misfit Toys 39, La Cita Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Edited and mixed November 2018 by Stephanie Cheng Smith

Mastered July/August 2020 in Stockholm, SE by Scott Cazan

Design by Steven Ziadie