Microtonal Virtual Pianos in Space

September 4th, 2022, concert

Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Doors: 630PM, Music: 700PM


This concert will feature works for Microtonally tuned virtual pianos placed in Coaxial’s surround playback system. “Fantasy in 72EDO for Six Virtual Pianos” is an exploration of the closely approximated 13-Limit intervals of the 72-Tone Equally Distributed Octave. This work also features a number of devices taken from Henry Cowell’s theoretical text, “New Musical Resources.” Subsequently, this concert will also feature selections of newly realized versions of pieces from Kyle Gann’s seminal work, “Hyperchromatica” in his 8x8 Just Intonation tuning. The evening will cap off with Clarence Barlow’s work, “Çoğluotobüsişletmesi” for 4 retuned virtual pianos.

Note: masks required for entrance


Scott Perry

Born 1978, Scott Perry loves to compose music. He earned his PhD in music composition from UCSB in 2019. He holds a BA from UCSB (CCS), a MFA from California Institute of the Arts and a MA from UC Davis. His teachers include Beverly Grigsby, Jeremy Haladyna, Kurt Rohde, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Ulrich Krieger, Pablo Ortiz, Mika Pelo, David Rosenboom, Curtis Roads and Clarence Barlow. He has also had lessons and seminars with Mario Davidovsky, Julio Estrada, and Pauline Oliveros. Scott also practices in the Kagyu Lineage of Buddhism.