• A1 Mirrors
  • A2 Life Size
  • A3 Back Into Chaos
  • A4 Magnetic Fluid / My Face
  • A5 Back From The Dead
  • A6 Light
  • A7 Fast Work
  • A8 My Skull
  • A9 Bad World (Double Quintet)
  • B1 Fighting For Houses
  • B2 We Just Went In
  • B3 Find Stuff For The House
  • B4 Here Come The Snakes (for Jim Tenney)
  • B5 The Reality
  • B6 More Books
  • B7 Which One
  • B8 Two Pianos

about (notes from Travis Just)

The music here is all taken from Object Collection’s 2023 theatrical production of HOUSECONCERT - an homage to the long, beautiful, essential history of strange events in DIY home-spaces. Giving flowers to Jack Smith & Sam Rivers & Co.

A1-8 + B1-3 + B5-7

A collection of short songs. Written completely without meter or pulse, just groupings of specified numbers of attacks and occasional shifts between slow and fast. Momentum without tempo. Like GBH or the Osees playing Christian Wolff.

Bad World (Double Quintet)

The fourth in a series of quintets dating back to 2003 (Quintet 1: voices; Quintet 2: strings; Quintet 3: pianos). All composed using precisely the same form of nine 1-minute sections, alternating between motion/pulse and static/drone. This quintet being doubled with 4 guitars+1 bass and 5 drummers.

Here Come The Snakes (for Jim Tenney)

Two guitarists, each seated on a rolling platform. Each with a battery-powered amplifier on board, each executing a constant left-hand tremolo a major second apart at high volume. Pulled slowly through the length of the performance space by two long ropes. Dedicated to my teacher, James Tenney.

Two Pianos

Transcriptions of two extremely slow, interlocking improvisations around a Thelonious Monk composition. But I can’t remember exactly which one, perhaps Crepuscule With Nellie.


Performed by Object Collection

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard - Guitar, Vocals Chloë Roe - Guitar, Piano on Two Pianos James Oldham - Bass, Vocals, Piano on Two Pianos, Drums on Bad World (Double Quintet) Kara Feely - Drums

with Travis Just - Guitar on Bad World (Double Quintet) Jack Lynch - Guitar on Here Come The Snakes Robin Margolis, Daniel Allen Nelson - Drums on Bad World (Double Quintet)

Composed by Travis Just, 2023, Brooklyn, NY Text by Kara Feely Recorded May, 2023 in Brooklyn, NY by Joseph Ippolito Mixed by Travis Just Mastered May, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA by Justin Asher for mNemonic Recordings

Photos by Hunter Canning and Marvin Just

Design by Steven Ziadie